It’s Real Nappy Week!

Joanne Fenna
25 April 17

It’s Real Nappy Week!

It’s Real Nappy Week this week where the focus is on using cloth nappies for your little ones. You may be expecting your own precious bundle this summer and have considered using cloth nappies but don’t know where to start, well there is no better time to find out all about it than Real Nappy Week! There is so much information out there for you, websites such as Go Real are a great source of information for you and go through the benefits of using cloth nappies.In-a-Row

Here is the Baby and Beyond Show’s quick guide to using cloth nappies:

First of all, different nappy styles suit different babies, so try before you bulk buy! Try a few different nappies out with your little one, there maybe a nappy library near you, if there is it is definitely worth checking it out, the experts are on hand to help you find the right solution for you.

There are several different types of cloth nappies, Flat Nappies, Two Part Nappies, Pocket Nappies, All in One Nappies, All in Two Nappies.

The basic kit you will need consists of nappy liner, this goes between your baby’s skin and the nappy and catch everything! They themselves can be reusable or disposable, find out your preference. Reusable can be washed and are usually fleece, single use ones can be disposed of in a bin. Then the cloth nappy which is soft on your baby’s skin. A wet bag for putting used cloth nappies in when you are out and about and a nappy bucket to store the used nappies in before washing them. Finally you may also want to get some reusable wipes, cloth wipes that you can use with water on their little bottoms for clean up time!

wet bag


And why should you choose reusable cloth nappies?

  1. They are cost effective – Cloth nappies are fully reusable, pop them into the washing machine and they are ready to be used again making the cost per use in the long run a lot cheaper than single use disposable nappies.
  2. They can save you money – Same as above; you can save your family hundreds of pounds by  investing in reusable cloth nappies instead of constantly purchasing disposable nappies.
  3. Quick and Easy to use – A basic cloth nappy set consists of liner and nappy, simple! Invest in a nappy bin to collect your dirty nappies in and have a streamline system.
  4.  They are environmentally friendly – You can make up to a 40% carbon saving by making cloth nappies as your nappy of choice.
  5. The are good for the economy – Each year we send close to half a million disposable nappies to landfills in the UK costing millions to maintain.
  6. They are really pretty – Not as good a reason as saving the planet but still, cloth nappies come in a range of different patterns and designs, from funky designs for little boys to pretty floral patterns for your little girl.
  7. Easily to get your hands on – Reusable cloth nappies are available from online shops, stores both of which are happy to support you in making the right purchase for you and your little one.
  8. Again… Find your local Nappy Library – Nappy Libraries are fantastic as they can give you a demonstration and bring along an array of cloth nappies for you to try.

little fox clothing

We had Tickle Tots at the Baby and Beyond Show in March, it’s definitely worth a visit to their site, their cloth nappies come in an array of beautiful designs… and they even have a competition running to celebrate Real Nappy Week, check it out!