World Pre- Eclampsia Day – Advice from One to One Midwives

Joanne Fenna
23 May 17

World Pre- Eclampsia Day – Advice from One to One Midwives

Today is World Pre-Eclampsia Day  and the aim is to highlight how serious a condition it is during pregnancy.

Pre-eclampsia is a condition that affects some pregnant women, usually during the second half of pregnancy (from around 20 weeks) or soon after their baby is delivered.

We have One to One Midwives exhibiting with us again at the Baby and Beyond Show in association with Mother&Baby  on the 9-10 September at Exhibition Centre Liverpool  and we asked their advice on what to watch out for.


onrto-onePre-eclampsia advice from One to One Midwives:

If you get sudden swelling in your face, hands or feet, you should contact your GP or midwife because it can be one of the symptoms of pre-eclampsia, a pregnancy-related condition that can be harmful for you and your baby.

Other signs of pre-eclampsia can include:

Severe headache

Problems with vision, such as blurring or flashing before the eyes

Severe pain just below


Don’t forget though ladies, swelling in your hands and feet often occurs in a HEALTHY pregnancy and is not necessarily a sign of pre-eclampsia, however, if you ARE concerned give your midwife a quick ring for reassurance.

One to One Midwives offer a fantastic service, they are there throughout your journey, through pregnancy and birth. If you are interested in booking One to One Midwives for your pregnancy you can contact them on 0330 330 9121 or speak to them at their stand at the Baby and Beyond Show in September.