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Ó Read Ú A Bad Case of Stripes by David Shannon á A Bad Case of Stripes is being used in our classroom to discuss self identity, bullying, and respect Camilla s treatment by her classmates is not nice The book prompts students to think about what can be done to develop stronger sense of self worth and positive communication Our world is filled with so many competitive demands, it s important to treat children like royalty and empower them with praise for they won t feel like they re being counted out Always remember that children are living, breathing human beings who have needs to be respected, accepted, appreciated, to feel important and secure.
What We Have Here Is A Bad Case of Stripes One Of The Worst I Ve Ever Seen Camilla Cream Loves Lima Beans, But She Never Eats Them Why Because The Other Kids In Her School Don T Like Them And Camilla Cream Is Very, Very Worried About What Other People Think Of Her In Fact, She S So Worried That She S About To Break Out InA Bad Case of Stripes What an absolutely wonderful book Such an original idea that teaches such a simple lesson And the illustrations were so detailed This is definitely one I ll be adding to our library when I get the chance Probably a level 3 or 4 reading level at least, but something a parent would enjoy reading to a kid of any age Camilla is scared what people will think of her on her first day of school, but it turns out she doesn t need to worry because she comes down with a case of the stripes, her whole body looking like a brightly colored rainbow Halfway through reading this with my children I felt like the kid in the back of the class that s going Ooh Ohh I know what s gonna happen as I frantically wave my hand Why do I get an image of Horshack and the sweathogs when I say that, and jeez, did that date me Anyway, we loved this book, and highly recommend it.
This is a fun and colorful, very colorful , book with a great message about not being afraid to be true to yourself and not caring so much about what other people think of you It uses humor in a way that s fun for kids, and the moral is clear but doesn t overpower the story The story seemed to end slightly too abruptly to me, but overall it was very enjoyable.
This is a very cute story It is colorful and has delightful story telling Not sure about you but every time I look at this cover I immediately think of the Fruit Stripe Gum from the 90 s Anyone else remember this gum What do you think Do you agree with me Hahahah But back to the review I do recommend this story.
Summary Camilla Cream likes lima beans, but when she gets made fun of for liking them, she gets embarrassed and tells her family that she no longer wants to eat them She then breaks out with stripes The doctors however cannot find anything wrong with her so her mother still makes her go to school Camilla s classmates discover that whenever they yell out colors or designs she turns into whatever they have yelled out Camilla discovers the only cure to actually eat what others make fun of her for, the lima beans, and when she does she turns back into regular old Camilla Response I loved the message in this book and think it would be great for those third and fourth graders who are beginning to feel pressure from their peers The story gives the message that is it okay to be an individual and important to do so.
Wow The artwork for this is really nice, but the message is what really struck me as amazing The story is basically about how conformity destroys your individuality In simpler terms, not doing something you really love because everyone thinks it s weird like eating lima beans turns you into something you re not like a striped girl with a tail and tree trunk legs Such a great story.

A Bad Case of Stripes is a story about how peer pressure literally can affect a person David Shannon, author of the popular David series, has created a surreal yet enchanting tale that will gain attention from both kids and adults A Bad Case of Stripes has one of the most creative illustrations I have ever seen David Shannon takes care in making each character as colorful as they can be and masterfully illustrates Camilla s odd situation by adding vivid colors to each transformation that Camilla takes on Also, the moral of the story about being yourself is greatly defined here when Camilla goes throughawkward transformations when she does not admit that she loves lima beans The story teaches people that no matter what anyone says about you, you should always be yourself no matter what A Bad Case of Stripes is truly a book that can not be missed and the story s heroine, Camilla, clearly defines the meaning of peer pressure sometimes having positive or negative influences on people Of course, I would strongly advise parents to read this book first before they show it to children ages five or younger since it contains many frightening images that would not be suitable for children.
Review is also on Rabbit Ears Book Blog I know that this is popular and I get what the book is trying to say about not worrying about what other people think, but I was freaking terrified of this book when I was a kid In fact, I m still creeped out to this day The visuals and some of the stuff that happened to the main character was just terrifying It s not a bad book, it really isn t, but it scared the crap out of me and I will not go anywhere NEAR that book So a big round of applause to you who love this book, cuz I sure as hell didn t.