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☆ Read ✓ Bear Snores On by Karma Wilson à i LOVE this book, but i have to say the subsequent follow ups were all basically the same bear gets sick, bear stays up, bear files taxes, and on it goes.
Good rhythm, lots of different voices to inventa good read aloud book.
Poor bear hibernates right through most of the party that is carrying in right in his own lair When he wakes up he is a blubbering mess about being left out but is quickly welcomed to join the fun Unfortunately, soon after he joins the fun, all of his mates fall asleep leaving him wide awake and on his own Its no fun being the last awake party animal at dawn.
come on, who wants to go to denny s for some 4 am breakfast Loved this one today The kids barely touched their cereal as I read this one We ve read one of these before and they love this bear and his friends This time was no exception The illustrations are big and beautiful and make the bear look so cuddly that one of my 2 yr old twins, Merrick, always hugs himself and says Awww Hugs There aren t many words overall, but I think it could probably be considered a level 1 reading book, as the diversity of the words are evident Overall, a fun read.
I love this book Black tea and popcorn Dancing with badgers and sneezes ACHOOOOOOO This book is a HUGE hit with kindergarten and first graders They just get such a giggle out of it I can t keep Karma Wilson s books on the shelves.
Sham took Athena to her first storytime at Oak Park Public Library today They are experimenting with combined ages, themed classes this month Tuesdays theme is Explore Your World They learned about hibernating animals and read Bear Snores On, naturally There was also some singing Evidently A sat on her own in front of Sham, because he wanted her to be in her own space, and she wobbled over at one point but didn t cry to everyone s surprise.
One By One, A Whole Host Of Different Animals And Birds Find Their Way Out Of The Cold And Into Bear S Cave To Warm Up But Even After The Tea Has Been Brewed And The Corn Has Been Popped, Bear Just Snores On See What Happens When He Finally Wakes Up And Finds His Cave Full Of Uninvited Guests All Of Them Having A Party Without Him This is a cute story that will delight your young readers Deep into winter a small mouse comes upon a bear s cave, where it is deep in hibernation Not even the fire he starts wakes the bear up Not even when the rabbit comes and they pop some popcorn Soonanimal friends come in to escape the winter storm, but still the Bear Snores Onuntilwell, you will just have to find out Great way to introduce hibernation and also talk about some misconceptions about what other animals do during the winter.
This was one of the first books that our now 7YO loved The bear series that Karma Wilson has is simple, but so effective with small children This and the rest of the bear series that we have are still here, even though our kids are much older The books are being saved in the library for when, or if they re needed in the future.
A fun tale about a group of party animals who spontaneously organize a pot luck while their host is none the wiserLove this book