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[Russell Hoban] ↠´ Bedtime for Frances [ukrainian-literature PDF] Read Online Ç WTF was this Ok, I can get on board with a story that has a kid that comes up with a million reasons not to go asleep I have one of my own like that , I don t love this premise, but fine But what s up with the casual threat of spanking as the final solution My kid didn t even understand what it was and I didn t care to explain No dessert and no TV I think iseffective than a threat of violence Hard pass on all the books by this author.
Full review to comeAnother one from childhood I liked Frances I really did Though I was never too sure if Frances was a he or a she.
Maybe it was the ambiguity that I liked But I remember reading the books over and over, and one time Frances would be a he, and another time she, and it gave the stories different tones I thought.

On the surface the story and the illustrations are cute, but the underlying philosophy isn t a match for little ones I care for I have two problems with the story First, I would not want my child to ever act in any way like Frances does in this story I generally pick stories that I want my child to emulate or learn from I do not want my child to make up excuses to get out of bed I do not want my child to learn to use their imagination to be scared There are plenty of things to be scared of without making them up or reading them a story that models things they might never have thought to be afraid of before Spiders flowing from a crack eek The second problem is that the parents threaten to spank Frances and the spanking is what drives Frances to stay in bed Do this or I ll hit you is not a messege I want my children to internalize either Cute story, bad messeges.
This children s author was way ahead of his time he managed to write a story about our daughter, almost 50 years before she was born.
I didn t really get the point of this book Basically Frances comes up with all sorts of reasons why she can t go to sleep and then eventually decides that her job is to go to sleep so she can be well rested for school the next day.
So Frances doesn t want to go to bed, and tries every trick in the book to get out of bed Then she gets scared by a giant, then she gets scared by the idea of a bug coming through a crack in the ceiling, then she gets scared by a moth tapping on the window You know the only thingscary than all this The prospect of getting a spanking from her parents So she goes to sleep and sleeps til morning Reading this to a child who has never yet had sleep issues was a disaster What s on the ceiling, Mommy Is the window closed, Mommy Didn t I like this book back when I was a kid What happened here I think I just taught him to be afraid of the dark.
S is for sailboat, T is for tiger, U is for underwear down in the dryerThis was my favorite book as a child I will admit, it disturbed me slightly to have to add such a garishly full color version of this book to my list, as the highlight of my old battered childhood copy was the single color pen and ink illustrations, where each book only had one accent color this one was green Frances the Badger is one of my literary alter egos pesky, stubborn, hyper imaginative to the point of slight paranoia, a huge fan of cake, an irritatingly bossy sibling, a great lover of tea parties and dolls, and a nuisance to her parents because she loves staying up late and hates brushing her teeth That was me in my childhood, and it s still sort of me now.
A story we had to read for school today, and my 5 yr old loved it I found it a little uninteresting, but overall enjoyable I did like the unusual way the parents answered Frances questions when she didn t want to go to bed For instance, when she asked about the Giant in her room that was going to eat her, instead of a normal parent response such as There are no such thing as giants, go back to bed , the father responded with How do you know the giant wants to eat you Did you ask him A different and unusual approach to the dilemma of getting a child to sleep, it was a fun diversion from our morning routine.
The Big Hand Of The Clock Is At The Little Hand Is At It Is Seven O ClockIt Is Bedtime for FrancesIt May Be Bedtime for Frances, But Before Frances Can Sleep, She Needs A Glass Of Milk, A Kiss From Father, One From Mother, Her Teddy Bear, Her Doll, Another Kiss From Father, And Another One From Mother And Then There Are Tigers And Giants And Ominous Cracks In The Ceiling To Keep Her Up Will Frances Ever Go To Sleep I love all the Frances books So clever and honest.