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[ Read Online Corduroy ☆ zimbabwe PDF ] by Don Freeman · Corduroy, the world s sweetest felon, is the star of two books about breaking and entering In his debut here, he rambles Mixed Up Filesianly through a department store at night, breaking shit dude let s trash this placeIn the sequel, Cor2roy, he hides out in a laundromat after a confusing encounter with a beret wearing artist who talks like a hillbilly Once again he leaves the place trashed something something watch the world burnHe s caught both times the first time by a cop, the second time because he traps himself in a laundry basket and falls asleep, nice work Cheech And why doesn t he end up in jail Because look at him, all innocent looking with one strap undone Who Wore It Better He gets away with all of it.
Anyway this was my kid s favorite book when he was two, and we read it many times He s over it now he s moved on to Paddington, so we might be sensing a theme here.
The theme is bears who can t get their shit together, do you realize that the entire plot of every Paddington story is he loses a sandwich But who am I to judge I once tried that thing from Breakfast Club where they climb through the space above a drop ceiling It s much harder than it looks and I got introuble than Corduroy did Maybe I should have tried the one strap overalls look.
I remember reading this as a child and now enjoy reading it to my little girl Corduory is the tried and true story of an outcast toy in search of an owner happiness As a sort of allegory for that, he s also missing a button And at the end he finds them both.
It s well written, well illustrated, but the only adventure Corduroy goes on is up an escalator in a mall not exactly the most exciting thing On top of that, it doesn t really have any surprises or twists or ups and downs The Velveteen Rabbit just seems like a much better version of the same story.

I m not entirely sure why, but when reading this book aloud, I m always compelled to give Corduroy a very bad British accent I think I mix him up with Paddington in my head But SPOILER ALERT , there s no marmalade in this book Lots of hullabaloo about buttons, though.
What a nice story about a teddy bear trying to get adopted from a department store But when a little girl admires him in the store and her parent discourages the adoption due to the bear s missing button Corduroy searches the store for it While I don t fully agree with the message that a child can t have a toy based on a minor imperfection especially if it is something so easily fixable , I still found this to be enjoyable and the illustrations were adorable I would recommend this book for kids of all ages.
A lovely simple story about a little girl who sees a bear in a department store that she wants but he is missing a button The bear tries to find a button and the little girl counts the money in her piggy bank to see if she has enough read on open library Corduroy was one of my childhood favorites and I still love it I am struggling to write an adequate review, and since I am pressed for time I will just say for now that I love everything about it I feel all the emotions are conveyed so well, from Corduroy s loneliness to the girl s sense of finding a kindred spirit in the bear, to Corduroy s wish to find the button to make himselfappealing, to his glorious adventure oh, how I loved that escalator mountain and the many fabulous mattresses, and tugging and tugging to get that button off , to the fright with the night watchman and finally Lisa coming back with her own money to bring Corduroy home and sewing on the button, not because she felt anything was wrong with him, but so he would feelcomfortable I love the end, with the realization of what it feels like to have a true friend And the illustrations have always captivated me I am so grateful a GoodReads friend alerted me to the 40th Anniversary edition It is just wonderful I love the format with the letters between Don and his editor being real letters you can pull out of envelopes, and facsimile versions at that and the glimpse into the writer editor relationship The manuscript draft where his editor makes her comments is so enlightening and would interest anyone who is or is interested in being a writer, I think it s great to see that even genius authors like Don Freeman needed that collaboration and other insight to make their work truly sparkle The only thing I didn t really like in the format is that it seemed really jarring to go from the vivid correspondence to turning the page and seeing it covered with newspaper clipping of Freeman s obituary Though it did provide some great insight intofacets of his life, I guess I would have liked something a bit gentler I also would have liked to know a bitabout the children to whom he dedicated the book and spoke of in his correspondence I guess they might be relations of the editor, perhaps All in all, though, I highly recommend the 40th Anniversary edition to anyone who is a fan of the book or looking at a bygone era of author editor relationships.
Have You Ever Dreamed Of Being Locked In A Department Store At Night The Endearing Story Of Corduroy Paints A Picture Of The Adventures That Might Unfold For A Teddy Bear At Least In Such A Situation When All The Shoppers Have Gone Home For The Night, Corduroy Climbs Down From The Shelf To Look For His Missing Button It S A Brave New World He Accidentally Gets On An Elevator That He Thinks Must Be A Mountain And Sees The Furniture Section That He Thinks Must Be A Palace He Tries To Pull A Button Off The Mattress, But He Ends Up Falling Off The Bed And Knocking Over A Lamp The Night Watchman Hears The Crash, Finds Corduroy, And Puts Him Back On The Shelf Downstairs The Next Morning, He Finds That It S His Lucky Day A Little Girl Buys Him With Money She Saved In Her Piggy Bank And Takes Him Home To Her Room Corduroy Decides That This Must Be Home And That Lisa Must Be His Friend Youngsters Will Never Get Tired Of This Toy Comes Alive Tale With A Happy Ending, So You May Also Want To Seek Out Dan Freeman S Next Creation, A Pocket For CorduroyAgesTo This is my second favorite book ever It was the first book I ever read that had a lead character that looked like me And no, I don t mean the bear The little Black girl, Penny, I think was well groomed and cared for, and SO nice People out there who ve always had characters in books and magazines who look like them won t get it The significance will be lost on them I fear But it s instances like that that help establish a child s self esteem and community worth Besides, it was a sweet story, non religious based, that showed how to be a good person Oh, and the shopping one on one with Mom was pretty significant too said the girl with three siblings.
Why five stars Because I can, and if you don t like it, I ll see to it that you have a nipple ripped off, and that there s no little girl around to sew it back on you This book was awesome when I was a kid, and it still is However, the escalator scared me because I always thought it was going to eat Corduroy See, even as a child I was fucked up in the head a great big ball of fear, ha ha The security guard was a little scary too Plus, he s a little bear all alone in the mall after closing time He was all alone, and couldn t find the button for his overalls This book was traumatizing, but it was still completely AWESOME It has a feelgood ending to it when he gets his button back, and the little girl takes him home.
I don t have a copy of this book I need to get one I ve been threatening to do it for over a year now so I can read it to my nieces and nephew, but still haven t done it.
The date finished is a near approximation I remember reading along on the television, though I really couldn t read then This was back when TV would show the pictures that were in the book, and a narrator would read what was on that page I d sit Indian style in front of the TV, and just watch it I think I watched read this book show several times back then Maybe it was on Mr Rogers I can t remember.