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[Mo Willems] ☆ Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus [journalism PDF] Read Online î As part of a Children s Readathon on my blog in August 2018, Don t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus by Mo Willems was selected as one of the award winning books to read It took home the Caldecott Honor Award in 2004 Since I d just finished my children s education courses in college right before then, I never had a chance to read this one It was a first time experience thanks to the lovely Nina The Cozy Pages she suggested this wonderful book.
A pigeon driving a bus Well.
it s very cute and part of a whole series involving experiences the pigeon goes through I must readof them In this adorable picture book, the bus driver needs to step away from the bus He tells everyone not to let the pigeon drive the bus As soon as the driver leaves, the pigeon tries his or her best to convince everyone to let him drive But they won t give him, so he never gets to do it When he jumps off in frustration, the driver returns and leaves without the poor pigeon What a lesson for kids Peer pressure Bad attitudes Silliness Safety Keeping quiet All the things to show why it s good not to give in to someone just because they try to get you to do something.
If you ve not seen the series or heard of them, check it out Buy a copy for a kid you know it s what makes a difference in their lives 4.
5 stars for this one My grandson, Mr H, loves the pigeon books With this one he was supposed to tell the pigeon no every time he asked to drive the bus But, Mr H is a bit of a rebel He kept telling the pigeon that as long as he was careful he could drive the bus.

Neo really enjoys much of what Mo Willems has to offer and this series is no exception When the bus driver has to step away for a few minutes, he asks the reader to keep an eye on the bus Easy work for sure, with only one golden rule don t let the pigeon drive the bus Well, that pigeon is as stubborn as a mule and will do anything to get the reader to allow him to drive When nothing seems to work and pitching a fit gets him nowhere, he storms off, only to encounter another potential adventure Neo laughed as he watched this pigeon getandupset, begging for the chance to break the rules He does not see it, but I have noticed many pigeon like attributes in my ginger I read this book and thought to research someon pigeons.
All I found was, that pigeons population is growing leaps and bounds They are a mess to every car owners They live where people are there to feed them and all they do it again create a mess.
I can t imagine pigeons taking over the world and ruling over human beings That s why it is advised not to let the pigeon drive the bus.
The friendly bus driver entrusts the reader with not letting the pigeon drive the bus The rest of the story is the pigeon wheedling the reader to let him drive the bus I really like this idea Younger kids can just read the story and see the pigeon throwing a fit It s funny, the pigeon s silly and tries all the sorts of excuses and whining that a child uses when they want anything BUT the text also allows you to take it further the pigeon says, Come on, just for 5 minutes You can turn to your child and say, What do you say and allow her to directly engage and speak back to the book.
I do not like the artwork of Mo Willems He did the Elephant and Piggie series and I didn t like that series Now, the kids did like it I went into this with dread, I ll be honest.
This was very creative This gets the reader involved A bus driver asks us to look after his bus while he is gone and he tells us not to let the pigeon drive the bus under any circumstances The pigeon spends the book trying to get us to let him drive the bus He uses all the tricks that children use on adults It s cute and right on I still hate the artwork, but I enjoyed the story.
The nephew laughed at this story He kept telling the pigeon to drive the bus and laughing about it I would say, no, you can t let the pigeon drive the bus He would do it again The niece laughed at this too She said that this was all the stuff that her brother does when he wants something I laughed at that and reminded her that she does that too He gave this 4 stars and she gave this 4 stars as well It s obviously something kids get and I don t, so I m giving itstars than I would.
I have read many books by Mo Willems that have been honored with the Caldecott Honor award, which included the Knuffle Bunny series Now I have recently read Don t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus which is actually Mo Willems first children s book and is a Caldecott Honor book and it is about how the Pigeon keeps asking the audience if he could drive the bus after the bus driver leaves to run an errand Don t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus is truly a memorable book that children can read over and over again At the beginning of the book, a bus driver comes by and tells the audience that he has to leave to do something, but before he leaves, he warns the audience, DON T LET THE PIGEON DRIVE THE BUS After the bus driver leaves, the pigeon comes by and starts asking the audience if he could drive the bus.
Wow I never would have thought that a book a pigeon just asking the audience if he can drive the bus throughout the book would be so interesting to read Mo Willems has done an awesome job at both illustrating and writing this book about the pigeon asking everyone if he could drive the bus What I found so interesting about this book was the fact that the only illustrations shown in this book were mainly of a blue pigeon and a bus driver in a grey and green uniform who only shows up at the beginning and end of the book, but Mo Williems did a great job at making this book extremely hilarious by giving out different expressions for the pigeon which ranges from excitement to anger Mo Williem s writing is extremely simple yet witty at the same time as it goes to show that you do not have to have long sentences to make a great book What I really loved about Mo Williems writing is the dialogue that the Pigeon is given as it is hilarious and witty to listen to and my favorite quotes from the pigeon were, Pigeon at the Wheel and No I never get to do anything All in all, Don t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus is truly one unique and hilarious children s book that every child who love witty humor will definitely get a kick out of it I would recommend this book to children ages three and up since there is nothing inappropriate in this book and the format is simple enough for small children to understand.
Review is also on Rabbit Ears Book Blog This is one of these books that you start laughing when you read the title The rest of the story is still over the top cutely ridiculous The children must not be convinced by the devious pigeon and let it drive the bus when the bus driver takes a break.
And I have to say that this kind of books are equally enjoyable for both my child and myself When A Bus Driver Takes A Break From His Route, A Very Unlikely Volunteer Springs Up To Take His Place A Pigeon But You Ve Never Met One Like This Before As He Pleads, Wheedles, And Begs His Way Through The Book, Children Will Love Being Able To Answer Back And Decide His Fate In His Hilarious Picture Book Debut, Popular Cartoonist Mo Willems Perfectly Captures A Preschooler S Temper Tantrum This was my daughter s first exposure to peer pressure She let that bus driver know that under no circumstance would she let the pigeon drive the bus Then, when the pigeon was begging and pleading with her, she held her ground and told that bird to back the freak off.
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