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[ Read Online Moo, Baa, La La La! æ x-men PDF ] by Sandra Boynton · Love One of my favorites.
It s a Sandra Boynton book, so it s almost not worth reviewing You know it s going to be 5 stars However, this Boynton book stands out enough from the already exalted pack that I think it s worth a review.
Basically it s a poem of animals and the sounds they make A cow says moo, a sheep says baa until you get to the surprising line three singing pigs say la la la Hilarity ensues Really Like all Boynton books, it s rhythmic so my son enjoys the narrative, and he can participate in the reading by supplying the animal sounds as we go The illustrations are colorful enough to grab his attention, but simple enough that he can point out different animals and the different parts of the animals The final page of the book has all the animals together, and he spends the most time on this page pointing out the various animals and making their corresponding noises.
If nothing else, this book is worth checking out just to listen to the other adults in your life act out the crazy animal sounds We have a weekly dinner with our extended family, and my son loves to make the rounds and have every adult present read the story with him It s pretty great to hear your older brother act out rhinoceroses snort and snuffle.
Serious Silliness For All Ages Artist Sandra Boynton Is Back And Better Than Ever With Completely Redrawn Versions Of Her Multi Million Selling Board books These Whimsical And Hilarious books, Featuring Nontraditional Texts And Her Famous Animal Characters, Have Been Printed On Thick Board Pages, And Are Sure To Educate And Entertain Children Of All Ages A fun little story about animal noises.
My son s favorite book so far.
Very very cute I love Sandra Boynton.
If Everly tries to tell me that singing pigs say Oink instead of La la la we re going to have a serious talk.

Outstanding I could not put this book down.
A moving narrative that highlights the circle of life in understandable, free market terms while placing a sunnier patina on the darker side of the meat and poultry industry.
I read this like the Lady GaGa refrain It fits perfectly.