↠´ Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? ð Download by ☆ Bill Martin Jr.

↠´ Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? ð Download by ☆ Bill Martin Jr. This book is exciting to read and while reading, you may find that the characters of the animals create a rhythmic sound You could easily create a melody or make this book into your own sing a long that will engage the children into the characters and movement of these zoo animals The words written on each page are catchy, easy to read and easy to remember for young children Another thing is the bold colors and the different designs and shapes of these animals CREATIVE EXPERIENCE One of the activities I had in mind is cutting out large enough pictures of each animal, gluing them on card stock and putting holes for eyes to see through the picture Assign each child an animal to imitate, and act out loud, the sound it makes, for the class Then the teacher re reads the story and includes each child and their best version of their animal, a speaking part in the story Another way in being creative with this story, is re read this story and have the children GUESS the animal from the description of the sound it makes If guessed correctly, you are able to go on to the next animal.
Delightful read aloud New rule if you read the same book to a small childthan 20 times in one day, it counts toward your GoodReads challenge.
We are fans of Eric Carle Reading his books are like singing to them I liked what each animal heard on the next page It s interesting doing it in Spanish Fun for kids to guess the name of next noise.
5 stars for Eric Carle s art.
1 star for Bill Martin Jr s words a grudging average of 3 stars.
I tried, D I fully committed to the animals, man I was like Robert deNiro shooting heroin for Raging Bull I gained weight to play the purple walrus how the hell am I going to lose it I painted myself with gentian violet, grew a handlebar mustache, jammed a couple of carrots under my lip and flopped around grunting.
I poured honey all over myself and rolled in flour to play the titular Polar Bear I cracked out my old Don Johnson duds to be the flamingo I slithered around on my belly with a fork duct taped to my tongue I was freaking serious about doing it right I wanted TO BE the animals But it didn t make a damn bit of difference Where the first book s rhythm succeeds, the second book eschews rhythm and disrupts my reading Every word is dissonant to me, and I just can t stand it, despite the beautiful art Sorry, D I wish I could come and watch you read it, though, because I bet you could convince me I am wrong Any chance you ll post a reading on You Tube I was surprised at how much my kids laughed at this book I think they decided all the words for animal noises bray, hiss, snort, etc were pretty funny sounding, and I guess I d have to agree This is certainly my favorite Brown Bear sequel The illustrations are great, as usual, and of course we can count on Eric Carle to not make all of the animals normal colors, considering the magenta walrus at the end.

I grabbed this because I was doing story time and Brown Bear was missing Pro tip do not take this into storytime unless you know what a flamingo and a peacock sound like.
Just as lovely as the first book Cute I m surprised I haven t read this one before I used it for a zoo themed family storytime on 10 9 18 Lots of good vocabulary words for little people yelp, bellow, flute, etc.
The key to reading this one out loud is getting into character as the animals You ve got to roar like a lion, growl like a polar Bear and hiss like a Boa Constricter You ve got to commit, go Old school Stanislavski like a young Brando Be the frigging snake Be the Bear little Ones Dig it And when you are phoning in the performance they will know that too THEY WILL MAKE YOU PAY So don t phone it in.
I think one key to Carle s success is his his wonderfully inventive and eye pleasing palette Dude has a purple walrus here and a Blue Hippo Man, I dig that I could eyeball those two pages until Kingdom Come What is it in my heart, that responds so to a Purple Walrus Crazy, man.
What Will You Hear When You read This Book To A Preschool Child Lots Of Noise Children Will Chant The Rhythmic Words They Ll Make The Sounds The Animals Make And They Ll Pretend To Be The Zoo Animals Featured In The Book Look At The Last Page Bill Martin Jr And Eric Carle Are Two Of The Most Respected Names In Children S Education And Children S Illustrations This Collaboration, Their First Since The Classic Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You Seepublished Than Thirty Years Ago And Still A Best Seller Shows Two Masters At Their BestA Redbook Children S Picture Book Award WinnerThe Rollicking Companion To Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See