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[ Pdf Room on the Broom Ö comix PDF ] by Julia Donaldson é Julia Donaldson is a fantastic author She understands what appeals to children and brings them to fantastic worlds with endearing characters.
I think this is possibly the best kids book I ve ever read It rhymes, so there is a real flow and my young follower, who was 6 easily supplied all the end words at the right points, which I thought was quite funny, because being a boy, he couldn t read, but he hador less remembered every word of this book We just loved the story, the frog with his pond, the cat, the dog and a bird overload the broom to the inevitable snap point but the witch is too generous to worry about details like that, and anyway she simply magics up a new broom at the end of the story, a new de luxe version There s a dragon, who is scared away by the joint, although unplanned creation of a monster, covered in mud.
It seems to appeal to adults and kids equally which is what you want if you have to read it about 50,000 times.
The Witch And Her Cat Are Happily Flying Through The Sky On A Broomstick When The Wind Picks Up And Blows Away The Witch S Hat, Then Her Bow, And Then Her Wand Luckily, Three Helpful Animals Find The Missing Items, And All They Want In Return Is A Ride On The Broom But Is There Room on the Broom For So Many Friends And When Disaster Strikes, Will They Be Able To Save The Witch From A Hungry Dragon Mr H, my grandson, and I love this book Great story It is in my opinion often rather difficult if not even pretty well rare to find poetry specifically conceptualised for younger children that is not only thematically and content wise fun and engaging but that also presents itself at the same time as lyrically and rhythmically adept in other words, I mean to say that I do tend to find it often not all that easy to find children specific poetry that does not read somewhat awkwardly and haltingly at times, that continuously presents both a good and successful rhyme scheme and a decent and melodious lyrical flow So yes, indeed, I have been very much pleasantly surpised by Julia Donaldson s presented verses in her utterly delightful Room on the Broom For while the important and necessary messages regarding kindness and sharing and that if one is generous and solicitous then that same consideration will also often if not even usually be repaid and repaid in full are of course pretty overtly presented in Room on the Broom, Julia Donaldson s rollicking rhymes are not only fun and engaging, not to mention sweetly lyrical, they also very much make both readers and listeners forget that the presented messages are rather in one s face so to speak, they make us simply enjoy and appreciate Room on the Broom as a sweet little story of a kind and caring witch making room on her broom for the diverse animals that had helped her find her lost or rather her blown off the broom clothing and witchery accoutrements and who is later then rescued from a vile dragon by those same and grateful animal friends Four stars for Julia Donaldson s text, for her warm and fuzzily sweet poetry, but rounded up to a full five stars, as Axel Scheffler s accompanying illustrations are simply and utterly aesthetically to die for both humorous and also filled with much emotionality, and the coup de grace for me personally is that while Axel Scheffler of course makes the witch of Room on the Broom look decidedly crone like with a pointy nose and a bit of a wart, he also has drawn her as someone with a sympathetic countenance and mindset, as well as thankfully not with the so often prevalent and popular green hued skin.
How the cat purred and how the witch grinned, as they sat on their broomstick and flew through the wind A witch will be saved before she becomes a dragon s lunch by a few helpful animals who love to ride with her on her broomstick Is there Room on the Broom for a dog like me Yes cried the witchYou can never go wrong with a book written by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Axel Scheffler.
My children loved this and we had lots of fun reading it Great read aloud Great rhyme There is just the right amount of funny vs scary There s a really fun and surprising and creative ending I was really tempted to tell what exactly, but then I d have to use a spoiler box for a children s picture book Oh, and the illustrations are wonderful

Enchanting Our family is a big fan of this story on Netflix which is where I first heard the story I had seen the book in bookstores and was interested in this book, but it was seeing the show that got me to order up the book I think this is totally going to be a classic like the Polar Express.
The rhymes are wonderful and the characters are lovable The TV show is so well done that it outshines the book a bit, at least for someone who saw that first and read the book later They adapted the show faithfully to the work and it fills in many gaps Still, everything is here in the story, accept that the cat does not want the other animals on the broom That was added for the show But the glee of the witch is here with her loyal animals.
This, archetype ally, is about the power of the Crone She cares for others and they become loyal to her They area force for good She is not alone after all her children are gone It s a great representation of that The kids love this story They have watched the show over and over and love the book They both gave the book 5 stars, which might not be fair, but they love it They can practically recite the lines of the book Still, it s the first time to read it for all of us It makes me think that many of the stories out there could be turned into wonderful TV shows like Room on the Broom with the right team I like the idea It would help many of them not be forgotten That is something sad I see is how many children s books are forgotten after 10 years and the collection moves on without them.
This book was super cute The movie matches the book perfectly too The witch and her cat are happily flying through the sky on a broomstick when the wind picks up and blows away the witch s hat, then her bow, and then her wand Luckily, three helpful animals find the missing items, and all they want in return is a ride on the broom But is there Room on the Broom for so many friends And when disaster strikes, will they be able to save the witch from a hungry dragon