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[ Read Online Skippyjon Jones õ counting PDF ] by Judy Schachner ô This is the worst kind of literature to expose your children to It s filled with stereotypes and fake accents It s sad that Judy Schachner doesn t know any better.
While 1000 GoodReads members seem to disagree, to me this book is rather offensive It may have received the E B White read Aloud award in 2004, but that doesn t mean it should be exempt from criticism The racial stereotypes are awful banditos really , the repeated reference to beans as if they are a defining characteristic of Latinos is insulting, and adding the letter o and long ees to random words to make them soundsSpanish is disrespectful While the book was surely meant to be funny and cute, mocking an entire group of people, their culture, their food, and their language is not acceptable and encourages children to adopt false ideas about Mexicans and Latinos.
Skippjon gets in trouble, sent to his room, thinks he s a chihuahua and all of a sudden he begins adding O to the end of his words to speak Spanish This book is seething in racism How havepeople not seen it and given it awards All the chihuahuas he meets have very stereotypical type names Making statements about rice and beans, because yes that s all Mexican people like to eat Then they have a fiesta and siesta while the chihuahuas carry around maracas and mariachi hats Come on I cannot imagine a person of Mexican descent liking this book, I m deeply offended by it Not to mention that the plot of story makes very little sense The mom in the beginning of the story is scolding him, and by the end she s hugging him for still disobeying Not sure you re teaching your child anything worthy by reading this book.

Okay, I m giving this five stars because I think it would make an absolutely outstanding read aloud book And I m not the only one it s won the EB White read Aloud Book Award And also, this is the sort of book I would have loved as a kid who loved interesting words and sounds There are SO many fun fun fun things to say in this book p I won t give it away, but Skipyjon is just the beginning Plus, the pictures are fun, the cats are cute, and it has a lot of absurdity and adventure and imagination Also, I think bi lingual Spanish learners would appreciate this, too, as it definitely has some South of the Border flare and terms Note, though, that there is some controversy about the book and that it presents negative stereotypes I am usually sensitive to such things but this one slipped under my radar Forabout the controversy, so you can decide for yourself if this is a book you want to share with your children, see here What is there not to like about a young Siamese cat who likes to play pretend, especially when he likes to pretend to be a Chihuahua the Mexican dog of royalty As an American of Mexican ancestry, who happened to be born and grew up along the Texas Mexican border and currently resides in the same border town of El Paso , I didn t find it too difficult to step beyond the controversy and the lack of political correctness that many adult readers find in this children s book to see how witty, cute and funny Skippyjon s antics really are He is after all, just a kitten of a cat Sure there are stereotypes, but I didn t see them as being mean spirited or anything that a real child wouldn t be guilty of doing in the spirit of innocent pretending As a child, I might have created some of the same stereotypes Skippyjon did, especially in my speech I speak English, Texan, Spanish, and Spanglish very well and can change my manner of speaking my accent at will I didn t find Skippyjon s accent offensive He is trying to be a Chihuahua after all As they say, Imitation is a sincere form of flattery and idolization Skippyjon loves his Chihuahua alter ego and that is cool The only thing cooler than Skippito speaking Spanish, would have been Skippito speaking a few words in Nahuatl the language of the Aztecs.
After reading some of the posts, I am left wondering if as adults, we haven t created a world that is too sensitive It seems to me that people get too easily offended these days I guess it all depends on your perspective Stereotypes exist everywhere Stereotypes exist due to the fact that there is some truth to them Stereotyping is normal Treating others badly is not necessarily the result of stereotyping Treating others badly comes from a lack of respect for others and for oneself In my life, I have encountered prejudice, but it is not something I look for or dwell on I am not hypersensitive about it and I certainly don t walk around with a prejudice radar on Quite frankly if someone ever treats me badly, I just assume it is their issue their personality their shortcoming their bad day their problem My culture and my ethnicity is part of who I am, but it doesn t define my core sense of humanity and beyond being respectful towards others and expecting the same in return, I don t worry about what people of my or other cultures, races or ethnicities think of me, my family or my ancestors People will believe what they want to believe My daughter and I picked up this book, because it came up on our search for Chihuahua at our local library It was a fun little children s book We hope the others are fun, too, and that we won t be left saying, Ay Chihuahua The only Ay Chihuahua, my daughters and I want to be saying is at the El Paso Chihuahuas Minor League Baseball Games Seriously though, as adults, I think we need to find and draw a line between being sensitive towards others and being too sensitive and creating controversy where there really is none Tossing out the book Worrying if our Mexican or Hispanic friends would be offended Cringing when we read it because we know better Being offended because we are Mexican or Hispanic of Mexican origin I think one has a right to be offended, but ONLY if we have never sterotyped anything lest you be a hypocite If you Hispanic or Mexican or even none of the aforementioned have ever watched a movie where the bad guy girl had black hair, dark eyes and dressed in black and agreed with this picture guess what you have stereotyped by this account most of the world s population is evil If you have ever watched a movie or read a book where all rich people are mean and materialistic and agreed,guess what you have stereotyped not everyone of them is Scrooge If you ve ever laughed at a Texas drawl, immitated a Texas drawl or imagined Texans to be gun toting rednecks or cowboys who drive pick up trucks down dirt roads,again you have stereotyped I don t think I would find many non hypocrites in this world when it comes to being offended by a stereotype Skippyjon Jones is a good little children s book about pretend It is an entertaining story that can be used as a springboard to talk about stereotyping and not allowing our stereotypes to lead us to treat each other badly Of course, it can also be enjoyed for the sheer sense of enjoyment of a story about a small child s game of pretend without getting into all the controversry of the book I find a lot of good in Skippyjon Jones Without the Skippyjon s of this world these kinds of conversations and the learning that results from them disappear.
how good would that be e Children seem to enjoy this book muchthan myself They love the character of Skippyjon Jones a Siamese cat who thinks he is a Chihuahua I would agree that the play on words is worthwhile, but not at the expense of murdering the Spanish language No matter how much I try to lighten up about it, I believe it pokes a little to much fun at my cultural heritage I would use this book as a critical component in reading comprehension and ask the students if the author is fairly representing the hispanic culture This book is geared for Kindergarten Second grade students.
Where has Skippyjon Jones been all my life I love him And his mother With such a strong familial identity, Skippyjon is free to try out different identities, including being a bird and a chihuahua A bandito chihuahua The swordfighter He sings too.
His mother calls Skippyjon lots of names They are in jest, of course, and none are as bad as Skippyjon s real name, so Skippyjon is okay with it Smart mom I should have thought of that My kids hate it when I call them bongee bobos from the well of my deep mother love.
Mama Junebug Jones bad names seem to be a family tradition calls her naughty kitty 1 Mr Kitten Britches2 Mr Fuzzy Pants3 Mr Fluffernutter4 Mr CocopugsI want a mom like that I will leave you with a Skippyjon songMy name is Skippito Friskito clap clap I fear not a single bandito clap clap My manners are mellow I m sweet like the Jell O I get the job done, yes indeed o clap clap Holy Guacamole Skippyjon Jones IsYears Old He S Fearless, He S Fun, He S A Hero To All Enjoy A Special Edition Of The Book That Launched A Thousand Chimichangoes With A Note From Author Judy Schachner About How The Character Came Into Being There S A Photo Of The Real Skippyjon Jones, And Even A Reversible Jacket With El Skippito In His Mask Ito On The Other Side So Hold On To Your Mice And Beans This Book Is The Fiesta You Ve Been Waiting For This entire series is offensive and racist It uses mock spanish and peddles racist stereotypes as funny This is how racist stereotypes are taught to young children by presenting them as funny It s just not ok.
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