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[Deborah Diesen] Ó The Pout-Pout Fish [young-adult-historical-fiction PDF] Read Online Ä The Kiss Kiss Fish needs to have a refresher course on consent before I read this book again.
So rhythmic it reads itself love the phrases a kaleidoscope of mope and the smooching finale The best of the bunch so far.

This is basically a children s book version of Hey gorgeous, why don t you smileThbbbbhththt.
As anyone who knows either of us might imagine, neither Sam nor I appreciated that message So back to the library it goes.
Also Consent We can teach kids about consent This book does not.
Cute illustrations though.
P P F is a funny story that will teach young children that they have control over how they interact with others very important lesson.
I have young twin boys who get a story every night, so we try to get a good selection from the library This is one that has passed the twins test and will have to be purchased for our home library.
It s sing songy and has a repeated refrain which the boys love, and the pictures are active enough that they are not always reaching to turn the page, they actually look at the pictures as we read.
It only gets four stars instead of five because the ending is a little weak The story is this A Pout Pout fish is bringing everyone around him down Each of his friends ask him to cheer up in a different way He keeps saying that he s a Pout Pout fish, and that s just the way he is Until one day a beautiful fish he s never seen before swims over and gives him a kiss on his pouting lips Ta da Now he s happy and a Kiss Kiss fish smooch It was pretty cute, but I also had some consent questions for the kissing fish You can t just go around kissing grumpy people.
So, here s the thing My 1 year old loves the rhyming patter and the Blub Bluuub Bluuuuuub And we can treat it as a cute, well illustrated story about a fish affected by the dispositional attribution fallacy.
If you imagine swapping the gender roles, it is CREEPY Hey there, girl, why don t you give me a smile Uh, I d really rather not C mon, cheer up, luv Please stop pestering me A stranger swoops in making unrequested, nonconsensual advances Oh, wow, now I am liberated I m gonna make out with everyone So yeah not sure how we ll feel about the book once the kid is old enough to understandthan Blub Bluuub Bluuuuub.
Calling all adults who love reading to a little one This is the funniest story with great prose to boot Loved this so much, I love to tell others about it to share the joy I recommend it to all new aunts, uncles, grandmas and grandpas I loved reading this story to my older granddaughter so much that when I found The Pout Pout Fish Goes on Vacation, it was a must have for the newest granddaughter.
A NEW YORK TIMES BEST SELLER Deep In The Water,Mr Fish Swims AboutWith His Fish Face StuckIn A Permanent Pout Can His Pals Cheer Him Up Will His Pout Ever End Is There Something He Can LearnFrom An Unexpected Friend Swim Along With The Pout Pout Fish As He Discovers That Being Glum And Spreading Dreary Wearies Isn T Really His Destiny Bright Ocean Colors And Playful Rhyme Come Together In This Fun Fish Story That S Sure To Turn Even The Poutiest Of Frowns Upside Down The Pout Pout Fish Is ABank Street Best Children S Book Of The Year It s a hard thing, buying board books cardboard pages less likely to be ruined by tiny hands that might tear paper pages online I ve finally got a grandchild, and obviously the thing a good Grammy buys at Christmas, is books But I ve been away from tiny people for over 15 years, and so once I bought him the good ones not already in my awesome kiddy collection, I was stumped I saw that this one was popular, but we re only allowed to look at one or two pages on , and that makes it hard to get a sense of cadence and vocabulary, as well as whether this is just a cute story, or one of those overly preachy types that can kill an early love of books with a huge, heavy handed lesson that comes acrosslike a hammer than like warm arms and a soft lap.
Thank goodness for other reviewers I bought the book, and it is now a favorite for 9 month old Sammy It s equally useful for any gender, with no assumptions made In the end, we learn that the pout pout fish has incorrectly identified itself and when another fish slides up and gives that fish a kiss, it exclaims that it realizes I was wrong I m a kiss kiss fish with a kiss kiss face My spouse and I gifted our new grandson with five board books, but this one is the runaway fave, and my daughter in law s family sat under their own tree Christmas Day, flipped open their phones, and ordered the other toddler in their family a copy also, once Sammy and his parents had shared this magical little book.
One final bonus it has absolutely nothing to do with bedtime Some of us like to read at other times, and until I retired, I hadn t realized how skewed babies books are toward bedtime So if the baby you re buying for has a stay home parent or grandparent, or if you re buying books for a daycare, this one will suit you down to the ground Or the sea.