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[ Read Online Terry Treetop and the Lost Egg ë m-m-romance PDF ] by Tali Carmi Å Send Your Kids On An Adventure This Fun Children S Picture Book Is About A Boy With Red Hair And Freckles Named Terry, Yet Everybody Calls Him Terry Treetop Because He Loves Climbing Trees Terry Finds A Small Egg, And His Quest Is To Bring It Back Home To Its Mom But Where Is The Egg S Home Does The Egg Belong To A Turtle On The Sand Or A Crocodile S Spring Water Did It Come From A Frog In A Pond Or A Chicken In The Wild Do Your Kids Love To Listen To Stories About The Habitat And Environment Of Different Kinds Of Animals Do Your Children Like Beautiful Picture books Terry Treetop and the Lost Egg Is A Sweet Children S Book, Written Especially For You And Your Age Children With Simple Rhyming Text AndColorful Illustrations The Story Is Suitable As A read Aloud Book For Preschoolers Or A Self read Book For Beginner Readers Children My kids and I are no stranger to the awesome adventures of Terry Treetop In fact, we just had a lovely journey with him this week So lovely that we decided to go for another ride This time we worried, we hoped and we celebrated as Terry Tree top struggles to find where an egg he found belongs This book was a tad different than our first run in with Terry This time we were dazzled with dr suess like rhymes Which Avery, my lovely 7 year old LOVED We are big rhyming book lovers in this house After reading this book which once again captured the full attention of my daughter I asked her What was your favorite part She ABSOLUTELY no doubt about it, loved when he asked the turtle and again with the frogs She loved the illustrations Which I admit were adorably done She loved when the egg hatched and thought that Terry was his mom She also says I would have said yes and taken him home LOL Kid cracks me up She really loved the happy heartfelt ending All in all if you ask Ave s She gives this book a 5 out of 5 stars If you ask me, I will agree, since I have read it 4 times now in less than a full day Tali Carmi is definitely an entertainer of children One that will have the written word in my home for years to come From my children, passed down to theirs.
I was looking for books to read to my grandchildren This was a free book fromThe artwork is cute Terry Treetop has a big round head, with no neck, and a small body He goes camping with his family, and finds an egg He carefully puts the egg in a basket lined with soft leaves to protect the egg, and then starts looking for the eggs mother He visits various animals, and learns the egg doesn t belong to them, but learns about those animals He finally finds the mother, after the egg has hatched The mother thanks Terry for helping her little one, whom she thought was lost in the fall from the tree The kindle version has a lot of pages with just printing on them The pictures are spread far apart, so I don t know if this will hold the children s attention.
Terry Treetop books are always rich in content and illustrations I have been reading them with a good interest And they always deliver a good message in a short span A must for all kids Rather for any age kids This is an interesting hunt by Terry Treetop.
Terry Treetop and the Lost Egg is a delightful story written by Tali Carmi Unlike Terry Treetop Finds New Friends, which is written in prose, this new book is written as a poem and some readers, not used to reading poetry to their children might not like it as well However, I have an author s audio version of the book and Tali Carmi s reading was moving It made my own attempt sound amateurish I have a new respect for poets after reading the Lost Egg And most children love books of rhyme, so your child will most likely love this poetic book about 5 year old Terry who finds an egg on the ground while camping Very nobly, Terry vows to locate the egg s owner In the search, Terry learns how baby sea turtles, alligators, tadpoles, chicks and parrots are protected by their mothers.
For those of you who are teaching your children about character qualities, you will find this book has opportunities for you to discuss Terry s perseverance in trying to reunite the mother with her egg and his self sacrifice in doing so Terry is a good example for children and I think you will love the book.
I received a free copy of this book from Tomoson.
com for my honest review.
I bought the second book in the series for my little niece because she loves Terry Treetop and his adventuresThey are always fun, and rhyming makes her laugh so much, she will be making me read this book many times.
The illustrations are cute, big and colorful.
It s summer camping time and Terry finds a lost little egg on the ground.
Terry is a good and happy boy so we follow him as he looks for the Mom.
This is where it becomes educational because each new Animal Mom , shows him the importance and the different ways they take care of their own babies.
Such as, Sandy the Sea Turtle , which sits on her eggs in a hole in the sandThe new Mom tells him when her eggs hatch, all her adorable baby turtles then run into the water where they learn how to swimTerry has his nickname because he is the best tree climber.
He sees an empty birds nest way up high in a tree trunk.
Terry protects the little lost egg and keeps it warm.
What surprise will Pipi have when she returns home.
What I like about this series is that it always shows how to make new friends, teaches different aspects of animal life and to be a good child by helping others For parents even though this is a series, each book is a stand alone story and their only connection is cute, little 5 yr old boy Terry.
So, you have your choices 9 Things I Love Learnt About Terry Treetop and the Lost Egg 1 This book is about a cute little boy with red hair and freckles named Terry 2 Everybody calls him Terry Treetop because he loves climbing trees, we come to find out from the book 3 In this particular story Terry finds a small egg, and his quest is to bring it back home to its mom the story is simple, yet interesting and beautiful 4 This story is the perfect tool to teach your little ones about the habitat and environment of different animals 5 Just like in the other books, the children will find a life lesson to be learn also.
6 The simple rhyming text and the 18 colorful illustration make for an entertaining and fun reading 7 This ebook is part of an entire series of Terry Treetop illustrated children books written by Tali Carmi 8 The series is geared towards real young children 2 6 years old, however, the books can be enjoyed from young to old 9 My 11 months daughter was captivated by the beautiful pictures the entire time I highly recommend to give this series a try My son was happy to read a new book, especially since he likes the Terry Treetop series Terry Treetop is a really cute little boy who loves to climb trees In this book, he finds an egg and searches everywhere to return it to it s home He comes across quite a few different animals who have eggs but a different kind What I really like is that little kids can learn about the different eggs that some animals have Kids will also learn about how nice it is to help others, like Terry Treetop always does.
Lastly, it rhymes Don t kids love when things rhyme My son sure does This is a fun book with very cute and colorful illustrations like the other books in this series The vocabulary is easy to understand for young children whether they are reading it themselves or being read to.
Yes, I recommend for all the young readers out there, boys and girls Disclaimer I received a copy of this book for free in exchange for an honest review All opinions expressed are solely my own.
his is another book in a series from the Happy Inspired Children s books Collection featuring an endearing young boy named Terry Treetop because he loves climbing trees In this one, Terry has found an egg lying on the ground He vows to protect it at all costs until he can locate the mother Terry meets several animals on his journey including a turtle, alligator, frog , hen and parrot Along the way, the reader is introduced to the way each of these animals nourishes and takes care of its young When Terry finally solves the puzzle and finds the true mother, he insists on remaining with the egg until it is hatched and the mother is present to take full charge.
The entire story is written in verse which works most of the time, but seems forced in a few instances The illustrations by Mindy Liang are simple but drawn in bold deep colors to attract even the youngest reader Children will learn a lot about how animals take care of their young as well as lessons of loyalty, empathy and kindness for our fellow creatures This book is marketed for ages two through six older children will have the patience to listen to the entire text which is a bit on the long side for a picture book I read the kindle edition which was nicely formatted As a bonus, the author offers a link to obtain a fun creative kit that can be downloaded as well as a preview of another book in the series titled, Terry Treetop Finds New Friends.
These books are a worthwhile addition to your bedtime story collection or useful as beginning readers for a child who has begun to read independently.
This was a free distraction for me I liked that the kid was called chubby Chubby kids need love, too Though I loved the spirit of the book I found that had I been reading it to my children, way back when, I would have to spend a while explaining why a child shouldn t talk to reptiles like alligators and crocodiles, or even possible snapping turtles I m glad that the child is encouraged to climb trees and roam around, hopefully, at five years old, with an adult or older sibling The other thing is how do deal with the stray egg We ve been taught to not handle the stray egg as the mother may reject it due to human scent There is a way to do it I hope Terry Treetop had learned how.
The poetry was sweet and clear The rhythms felt okay in my head I think it would be fun to read to little ones, especially with the discussions I listed above.