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✓ Terry Treetop Finds New Friends é Download by ✓ Tali Carmi I found this book to be a total joy to read The pictures went very well with the story and was very entertaining I actually felt bad for Terry in the beginning because everyone seemed to be so busy and no one had time to play with him However in the end everything seemed to work out just perfectly.
As a mother I really like that the author use really easy words that made early readers want to help their parents read the story A lot of authors say that their books are suitable for self read, but then use some words that areleveled at a higher group of readers than the targeted age Whereas our author nailed the age and reader level perfectly Such a well done book.
This is another beautifully well written Terry Treetop book by Tali Carmi Terry was alone, so he went on a journey to find new friends to invite to his new tree houseMaking friends, however, it is not as easy as it seemsLittle Terry goes around but every animal he meets is busy doing something productive This is how Terry will eventually learn, and your little ones along with him, how to be self motivated, how to persist and not to give up, and how to give and receive Love This is a cute story that will inspire and entertain your childrenMy little one loves this series, and this book was received with the same enthusiasm as the previous ones from the series Terry Treetop Finds New Friends has been written for children 2 to 8 years old It has simple easy to understand text and cute colorful illustrations It is an excellent book and I highly recommend it Want To Help Your Kids Win Friends Terry Treetop AnimationBest Seller In Children S Action Adventure books Animal Habitats Environment Children S books Collection This Is A Wonderful Book About A Boy Named Terry, But Everybody Calls Him Terry Treetop Because He Loves Climbing Trees Terry Was Alone, So He Went On A Journey To Find New Friends To Invite To His New Tree House He Almost Gives Up When A New Opportunity Comes His Way Will Terry Use This Opportunity To Find New Friends This Beginner Readers EBook Series Will Motivate And Inspire Your Kids To Be Active About The Things They Want To Achieve In Life And Not Give Up On Their Quest For Love And Happiness Your Kids Will Enjoy Full Color Illustrations Of Terry And The Farm Animals He Meets Your Kids Will Be Inspired To Be Self Motivated Persist And Not Give Up Win New Friends Terry Treetop Finds New Friends Is A Sweet Children S Book Written Especially For You And Your Age Children With Simple Text AndColorful Illustrations The Story Is Suitable As A read Aloud Book For Preschoolers Or A Self read Book For Beginner Readers Children I love the pictures in this children s storybook They are bright and colorful and I like Terry s patched up pants and shirt This is a cute story book and the text flows easily when read aloud Terry does a heroic deed at the end winning him the friends he has been seeking.
The only reason I liked this book instead loving it was I thought that Terry could have madeof an effort from the very beginning to be a friend He passes all these animals who are hard at work hoping one of them will come to his new tree house to play Not once does he offer to help them which seemed like the logical way to make a new friend.
When reading picture books I prefer to have pictures on the screen at all times to hold children s interest All the pictures in this story are square and then the text appears below the picture This works fine when there is limited text but there are several times when the amount of text if too long so it flows onto the next page leaving only a bunch of text to be read.
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Rosalie wasn t overly interested in looking at the pictures or listening to this book being read to her, because honestly, at 18 months old, I think she is a lotinterested in touching turning the pages of a physical book However, my boys enjoyed reading this book for their reading minutes that they have to do for school every day Michael did enjoy being able to read it to Rosalie, however, he was finished with it quite quickly He s a pretty advanced reader 4th 5th grade level and only in 2nd grade so he always seems to gravitate towards chapter books already Connor did enjoy it and he said that it taught himabout friendship than what he previously knew This is a good book to get, especially if you ve got a 3 4 year old who enjoys being read to A cute story about Terry Treetop and the friends and values he meets along his adventures It is a cute story and has wonderful, vivid illustrations The story is written for children around the ages 3 8.
The story follows Terry throughout a journey as he searches for a new friend The animals with great names Betty the Bee, Shelly the Sheep, Cherry the Chicken, and Kelly the Cow he meets are all too busy to be Terry s friend and he continues searching for someone Terry finally decides to head home and finds a kitten stuck in a tree Finally a friend Terry uses his fantastic skill of climbing trees to reach the Kitty and save him All of the characters go back to his treehouse The illustrations were very well done, bright, and engaging They helped to tell the story along with the words, which helps drawn the younger readers listeners into the story.
This adorable ebook is about a little boy with red hair and freckles named Terry.
Everyone calls him Terry Tree Top because of his love of climbing trees.
This ebook is so cute and has the most adorable illustrations in it Very bright and colorful.
Absolutely a joy to read to my little one Each page only has a few words on it so she stays interested and focused on each page I love that the story teaches kids never to give up making friends This ebook makes a great book to read right before bedtime Very relaxing and so easy to understand.
This ebook is for children ages 2 6.
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I was delighted by Terry Treetops Finds New Friends by Tali Carmi Written for Children 2 years 6 years old, there are several opportunities for parent child discussion Terry Treetops loves climbing trees and his dad picks Terry s favorite tree to build a treehouse for him It isn t very long before Terry realizes that his treehouse would be muchfun if he had a friend to enjoy it with He decides to go on a journey to find a friend and meets several well illustrated animals However, each one is too busy to go back with Terry Treetops to play Instead of helping his new friend with his work, he chooses to go on his way, missing a chance to be a good friend In the end, Terry learns an important lesson about his strengths and about friendship I highly recommend this book.
I was given the opportunity to review this book and so I downloaded it for my 3 boys ages 9, 7 3 The 3 year old loved it and I am sure we will be reading this book many times My other two found it entertaining as well.
I liked that the illustrations are cute, bright and colorful The colors really popped on the kindle This is such a sweet and happy story about a little boy looking for friends It teaches that sometimes making friends is not easy, but to never to give up It becomes educational along Terry s journey to find a friend when the animals he meets are all busy doing something important, such as Betty the Bee was busy filling jars with honey and couldn t play My 3 year old wanted to know why the bee was filling jars with honey, and I explained that bees are where we get honey from I liked that every animal that Terry meets teach the listeners of the story the importance of what they do in their life Of course, the cutest animal I thought was Kitty , who was crying and stuck in a treetop Terry is the best tree climber hence the name and so rescues Kitty.
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Terry Treetop is a special character He is one that kids easily relate to and form a bond with In some ways he reminds me of Dora the Explorer, but without the backpack Terry decides what he wants to do and goes out to find the best way to accomplish this task In Terry Treetop Finds New Friends, Terry is so excited to have a new tree house He finds that his tree house is lonely by himself, however, and he goes off to look for someone special to share it with.
His journey to find someone to share his tree house with taught him and his friends some valuable social lessons The lessons learned in the Terry Treetop books are exactly the reason I keep coming back to these books A good book that teaches social skill lessons in a way that preschool and kindergarten age children understand is a real gem in today s children s book market Any story is only useful and good if the children are excited by it and willing to listen to it My 4 year old loves to listen to Terry Treetop s adventures and my 5 year old he turns 6 this week is using Terry Treetop to learn to read