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[ Read Online Where Is My Home? æ moscow PDF ] by Tali Carmi º Children s DelightThis is an adorable book for parents to read to small children at bedtime Terry Treetop is a curious boy who can get into mischief without trying yet gets out of trouble the same way.
Terry has gotten lost and needs to get home As he seeks help from various animals, he learns about where they live and what they eat This book is a bit longer than the previous books in the series and seems geared towards a slightly older audience I love the illustrations and the educational content There were a few grammar problems that detract from the overall quality of the book.
I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own.
This Fun Children S Picture Book Is About A Boy With Red Hair And Freckles Named Terry, Yet Everybody Calls Him Terry Treetop Because He Loves Climbing Trees Terry Is Chasing A Beautiful Butterfly And Wants To Go Back Home But Where Is Terry S Home And How Can He Find His Way Home Does The Rabbit In The Borrow Know Does The Beaver In The Lodge Know Maybe The Fawn S Mother Knows Or Can Susanne The Squirrel Help Him Do Your Kids Love To Listen To Stories About The Habitat And Environment Of Different Kinds Of Animals Do Your Children Like Beautiful Picture books Where Is My Home Is A Sweet Children S Book, Written Especially For You And Your Age Children WithColorful Illustrations The Story Is Suitable As A read Aloud Book For Preschoolers Or A Self read Book For Beginner Readers Children I thought this was a very cute book for kids I have a 5 year old boy who rarely sits still for a book but he was glued to this one The book was full of great illustrations that I felt depicted the story well, and it was easy to follow My son thoroughly enjoyed it and couldn t wait to hear what happened next as I read it to him I highly recommend this book It s a fun one to read with your child.
This is yet another adventure for Terry Treetop As always, Tali Carmi has given us a fun story with amazing illustrations that are full of colorful and cute characters Let me say Terry s parents need to keep a better eye on their boy In this adventure, you ll meet an unnamed butterfly, Robby the ribbit, Bono the beaver, Freddy the fawn, his mom who should probably stay hidden because Freddy looks a lot like Bambi and finally, Suzanne the squirrel.
Terry wonders off following a butterfly and the adventure begins I don t want to give away the whole story so let s just say this is why I don t eat anything away from home.
I am enjoying reading about Terry s adventures and I think you will, too.
Buy here More about the author My kids learned a lot from this story.
Highly valued Where Is My Hone teaches children about the importance of staying close to home knowing where your home is I think its important for children to learn their addresses at a young age since children never know when they will need it By reading this fun children book it allows you as a parent or a educator to introduce an important topic I will using this book in my future classroom

There s no place like homeThis is another fun adventure with Terry He gets to meet new friends and learns the different foods they eat My kids enjoyed reading this before bed They liked that all the animals wanted to give him their favorite foods.
I love this book I don t know why but I tend to gravitate towards books that have to do with the importance of staying close to home My son really enjoyed looking at the pictures in this book as well as listening to the story It was fun reading for the whole family The bright colors of the pages kept him intrigued the whole time This fun children s picture book is about a boy with red hair and freckles named Terry, yet everybody calls him Terry Treetop because he loves climbing trees Terry is chasing a beautiful butterfly and suddenly gets lost and can t find his way home He runs into different animals on his journey of trying to find his way back home and realizes there is no place like home Where is my home is a sweet children s book written especially for you and your children aged 2 6 with 18 colorful illustrations This story is suitable as a read aloud book for preschoolers or a self read book for beginner readers It is a great bedtime story or even a story for the middle of the day when you just want to spend a little quality time with your children.
The kids and I are becoming big fans of Terry Treetop In this book he wonders away from home while chasing a butterfly and he meets new animal friends who point him in the direction of home The kids enjoyed the animals and my 5 year old said the book taught her not to leave home without a grown up We have read this book several times over the last few weeks and both my kids love it Where Is My Home Tali Carmi