Trailer ç Good Night, Gorilla PDF by ¾ Peggy Rathmann

Trailer ç Good Night, Gorilla PDF by ¾ Peggy Rathmann I didn t think this was all that original, however, my children really seemed to enjoy it Few words, but an interesting story that s fun to follow, the pictures were a great addition to the plot I think we d read it again.
Age 1 I loved this book even before Asher did It has a really cute, funny premise, and almost no text Asher really enjoyed the part when all the animals say good night and I really enjoyed the nice little visual touches like looking for the balloon float away on each page, the toys in the animal cages, the people in the window watching the animals march across the yard.
In this book of very few words, a wily gorilla snatches the keys off the zookeepers belt and releases animals as they are told good night Soon, the animals come to join the zookeeper at his house and it is only when Mrs Zookeeper marches them back to the zoo that they stay put Well, at least some of them Neo laughed at this book, but was a little put out that there were few words I thought it better, as we could create our own story All in all, he wants to get to the zoo as soon as things warm up.
Now, I have a confession to make I have often seen the book Good Night, Gorilla by Peggy Rathmann around many times when I was little and yet, I had never bothered to pick up the book despite the adorable looking cover It was not until years later way into my adulthood that I finally got the chance to pick up this book and I have to say that I cannot believe that I waited this long to pick up this charming little picture book The story starts off with a zookeeper saying goodnight to a gorilla in his cage and as soon as the zookeeper goes off to say goodnight to the other zoo animals, the gorilla slyly take the keys from the zookeeper s pockets and unlocks himself out of the cage As the zookeeper goes around saying goodnight to the other animals, the gorilla quietly follows the zookeeper around, while freeing the other animals, which includes an elephant, a lion, a hyena, a giraffe and an armadillo, from their cages without the zookeeper noticing anything wrong When the zookeeper finally goes back to his home to get a good night s rest, the zoo animals ended up following him inside his house and Will the zookeeper discover that the animals are out of their cages read this book to find outI cannot believe that I waited for years to actually read this book and it was definitely worth the wait Peggy Rathmann had done an excellent job at writing and illustrating this book as I found this story to be extremely hilarious and cute I really loved the way that Peggy Rathmann made the zookeeper and the gorilla s adventures so cute and interesting at the same time as I was smiling the whole time during the scenes where the gorilla used the zookeeper s keys to free the other animals from their cages I also thought that it was cute about how the animals followed the zookeeper to his home as it added a unique twist to the usual children s story about animals and the zoo as we have the animals actually break out of the zoo to follow the zookeeper home Peggy Rathmann s artwork was cute and gorgeous to look at as all the zoo animals are adorable looking, especially the small mouse and the armadillo and I also loved the fact that the majority of the story takes place during the night as it gives the artwork a soothing feel I also loved the way that Peggy Rathmann made the backgrounds so luscious as it gives the artwork a beautiful feel to the story.
Overall, Good Night, Gorilla is a truly cute and hilarious story that children who love reading books that take place in the zoo and bedtime stories will definitely enjoy for many years I would recommend this book to children ages four and up since there is nothing inappropriate in this book.
Review is also on Rabbit Ears Book Blog This is an excellent early reader book, mainly to teach some basic animal names The story is adorable and that is not a word I tend to use I love reading it aloud and so far no one in my house is sick of hearing it If I am ever looking for a gift for a 1 3 year old, then this book will be at the top of the list.

Q LOVES this book Why I don t really know But we must read it over and over If we start a different book, she ll tolerate that for a bit, but then she starts pointing to Good Night, Gorilla that that It s the first book we read in the morning, and the last book we read before bedtime.
It is an awfully cute board book, and I appreciate the stereotype of the zookeeper s wife as the person who really gets things done On a side note, how can anyone resist a book with a secondary plot line that can be summed up as such banana on a string Poor mouse slave Wasn t as big a hit as Goodnight, Moon but still loved it for the silliness and for watching the gorilla.
Edited second child loves it, especially pointing out the mouse.
Hmm, I m a bit torn on this book Good Night, Gorilla begins with a zookeeper locking up for the night The problem is the zoo, which is populated by the cell like iron barred cages that went out with Victorian menageries Gorilla, a highly social creature, is caged all alone And though the zookeeper is a kindly, chummy sort, the parallels between his locking of the cages and a prison warden s nightly rounds are rather obvious.
If that were the gist of the story, my ratings would definitely be low But then, the ball gets rolling when clever Gorilla swipes the keeper s key ring and frees all of his buddies The animals tiptoe behind the keeper and right into his house, where they proceed to bed down and make themselves at home The exasperated keeper rounds up all of his charges and returns them to the zoo, but as the story closes, we see Gorilla has swiped the key again So We have a subpar zoo, but we also have animals who wish to escape the concrete and steel environment and visit a place a bitcomfortable A thought Maybe brainstorm with the youngsters on ways the zookeeper could make the animalscomfortable so they don t want to run away every night Such as giving the animals bigger enclosures complete with trees, ponds, and other natural amenities.
Good Night, Gorilla is the quintessential first book for very young children 6 months through to approximately 3 years It has very few words only good, night, gorilla, dear, zoo and the names of the five other animals in the book and is brief.
Even read as merely a story, the book is engaging for a very young child, thanks to the bright colors, silly story line and playful illustrations Where the book really shines however, is in all that you can do with it You can start asking a two or three year old to tell you what the story is on each page You can ask a younger child to tell you where the moon is on the page it, or at least a piece of it, is visible somewhere on almost every page You can ask any child to deduce certain aspects of the story, such as what color key do you think will open the lion s cage key color matches cage color After several readings, you can test a child s memory with There s only one key left on the key ring who s cage is it for Other questions about how a character feels based on their facial expression and or actions are great, too For an older child, you can askcomplex questions such as What is missing from the Lion s cage that all the other animals have in their cages or Why do you think the zoo keeper picked those pictures to hang on his wall A Must Have Board Book For All Babies Good Night, GorillaGood Night, Elephant It S Bedtime At The Zoo, And All The Animals Are Going To Sleep Or Are They Who S That Short, Furry Guy With The Key In His Hand And The Mischievous Grin Good Night, GiraffeGood Night, Hyena Sneak Along Behind The Zookeeper S Back, And See Who Gets The Last Laugh In This Riotous Good Night Romp