About Us

The Baby and Beyond Show is brought to you by the award-winning exhibition organisers, Bliss Events Company Ltd.

Based in the heart of Liverpool city centre, Bliss has built up a reputation of delivering high-quality, high-footfall exhibitions that exceed expectations for everyone involved from for the visitor, exhibitor and sponsors to contractors and the venue.  Our shows are all about the experience for everyone and designed to make the event as enjoyable and fun as possible.

Meet the Team

Joanne, Managing Director


Our life is made up of mini-adventures, bike rides, body-boarding in Wales, dog walks in the woods and football matches but snuggles on the couch are the best part of being a family 🙂


Dennis – Event and Operations Director


Dad of 2 boys and a little girl … now all grown up but will always be my children.  Favourite memories all involve films and music but my favourite memory is road trips, all crammed into a car and singing our heads off, priceless!


Kathryn – Event Team


Mummy to a clever little 3 year old boy Zachary, and his adorable little baby sister Alexia.  Although, they do go by the nicknames Zee and Bee. B for baby seemed to just stick!

I will never forget seeing my gorgeous boy holding his daddy’s hand and carrying an ‘it’s a girl’ balloon into the delivery suite to meet his little baby sister.

Rachel – Event Manager


Felicity and I live with her daddy Brendan whom I will be marrying next year on the sunny isle of Majorca and our ancient staffy Meg.

We love everything Disney princess in our house and there is lots of twirling, dancing and singing much to Brendan’s amusement and Meg’s bemusement.