Every parent needs one of these!

Joanne Fenna
23 November 17

Every parent needs one of these!

Christmas is fast approaching and we imagine Father Christmas is currently building plenty of shiny new bikes, scooters and push-alongs so if you have one heading to your house this Christmas Eve then you need one of these!

… a fab little strap for fab little wheels because if you didn’t already know this parents but your little ones will insist in taking their new wheels everywhere with them but you will soon realise you are left carrying them back home – which is back-breaking work!

Designed and manufactured in the UK, Carribob has been created with great care and quality by a mum of three boys. Jordana learnt pretty quickly that carrying bikes and scooters back from the the morning school run was no fun and trying to get her boys and all their toys across busy roads was a bit of nightmare so along came the Carribob.

  • Carribob makes carrying more than one bike or scooter a doddle
  • Being ‘hands free’ in the park or near the road helps you keep your little ones safe and sound
  • Carribob is strong, compact and easy to clean
  • Best of all, it folds neatly into its shoulder pad, ready to grab for the next outing!

And now you can get your hands on one of these carry straps and snazzy bags at the Baby and Beyond Show in February… register for your free ticket today!