What do you do with your favourite baby outfits?

Joanne Fenna
12 February 18

What do you do with your favourite baby outfits?

We all have our favourite little outfits as our children grow up but where do you keep them and how many do you keep?  Most of us can’t bear to part with their first bodysuit … or the 2nd, 10th and 20th and as for that cute little t-shirt that says “Mummy loves me”, well can you possible through that away but there is only so many suitcases of clothes you can keep in the loft so what do you do!

In Craft Corner have turned every parents dilemma into a very beautiful solution with their Keepsake Memory Quilts, you send your favourite pieces of clothing to them and they handstitch them into one very special quilt.

Mum of three, Nic, set up her company In Craft Corner so she could work from home and still watch her children grow … and the result is beautiful, handmade and personalised accessories such as dribble bibs, tag comforters, quilts, blankets, nappy wallets, pencil cases and our the keepsake memory quilts.

As Nic is a mummy three, she knows the little touches that mums and dads need, such as a dummy holder at the end of the bib, so when our ‘little munchkins’ continually spit out their dummy, it never falls too far – genius!

So make sure you head over to Stand 17 at the Baby and Beyond Show 24/25 February at the Exhibition Centre Liverpool, where you can buy from Nic’s stand or order your very own bespoke piece.

Tickets are on sale online or at the show all weekend: