Free Sling Hire with MamaSling

Joanne Fenna
06 September 17

Free Sling Hire with MamaSling

Mama Sling will be on hand to help you decide which sling or carrier is right for you and your baby.  They will show you how they work and best of all, you get to try it out while you are shopping at the show.

But don’t take out word for it, there is nothing like hearing the experiences from other parents so have a read of one of MamaSling’s loyal customers:

“My sling journey began 3 years ago when I visited the Liverpool Sling Library with my friend and her little one. I knew this was something I would like to do with my own child one day.

My son Bobby was born 6 and a half weeks early and weighed 4lb 1oz. My husband and I went along to the Sling Library when Bobby was just 4 weeks old. We felt very apprehensive as Bobby was still very tiny and weighed just 6lb.

Lynsey welcomed us and instantly put us at ease. She gave my husband a doll so he could also have a try of a sling. Lyndsey recommended we try the Hana sling and showed us step by step how to wear a Hana and then supported us in placing our very tiny boy into his new sling.

Bobby was asleep when I lifted him out of his pram, with Lynsey’s help he snuggled straight on my chest and instantly loved his new sling. In fact we loved it so much we didn’t take it off!

We kept our Hana sling for two weeks and used it a lot. I then fancied trying a different sling so we tried a Connecta sling, Bobby seemed to like this during our time with Lynsey however when we got home and the following days he got really upset when I tried to put him in it. I didn’t want to be without a sling for two weeks as we used our Hana a lot so I got in touch with Lynsey and arranged for us to go and collect a Hana from her.

Our latest visit to the Sling Library was a very successful one and we left with a ‘Caboo Sling’

This is our favourite sling up to now as it is as comfortable as a Hana but I find its quicker to put on. We have decided that a Caboo is the sling for us and will be purchasing our first sling later this month.

I plan on returning to the Sling Library once Bobby is ready for a more structured sling and will repeat the renting process under Lynsey’s guidance and support until we find the sling for us.

I cannot recommend this service enough. It is a wonderful opportunity to explore a variety of ways of carrying your baby with the support and guidance from Lynsey.”17632147_1616460161705365_1189001296434254614_o