PoorlyBoo Medicine Box has all the essentials you need

Joanne Fenna
19 October 17

PoorlyBoo Medicine Box has all the essentials you need

We all start off with good intentions about keeping a well-stocked medicine cabinet but we all know that life gets in the way and just when you need the Calpol or the teething gel (normally at 3am in the morning) you realise you have ran out.

If it’s your first child, then you probably don’t even know where to start .. my knowledge of what to buy when I had my eldest was a tube of Germolene for no other reason then my mum also had a tube when I was little!

This is where PoorlyBoo can help.  A mum of two, Manju Bhatia, has put together a medicine box of all the essentials to help get your and your little ones through all the common illnesses such as snuffles, colds, upset tummies and teething and help alleviate the symptoms.

Chatting to other mums, Manju discovered the essential medicines and remedies the other mums wouldn’t be without and taking this spark of an idea, she grow the seed into a business supplying a kit of essentials for mums and dads filled with the products tried, tested and approved of by parents. A PoorlyBoo box means you’ve got some essentials on hand when you need them the most! There’s no need to pop to the Chemist and you might even get a bit more sleep.

Backed up by a lot of research and focus groups by other parents,  a PoorlyBoo Box contains a range of 13 products that new parents want on hand to help cope with the most common ailments.

These are conveniently packed in a travel sized case that can be stored at home or easily taken away with you.


You can grab your PoorlyBoo box at the Baby and Beyond Show, 24 & 25 February at the Exhibition Centre Liverpool, Echo Arena.  Tickets go on sale 1/11/17 and we have a little treat for this show as one parent goes free to the show!